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Plastic Tubes

Show Off Your Product!

Our plastic tube packaging attract more attention from consumers because they can see the contents without opening the pack. Our bespoke plastic tubes put your product front and centre; increasing the temptation for customers to try delicious looking foods or pick up an interesting item. Add your branding in vivid flexo-printed colours to further enhance the appeal.


Plastic Tube Packaging - Clear Tube food packaging
Plastic Tube Container With Metal Lid and Welded Plastic Base or Metal Base

Plastic Container, Metal Lid, Plastic Base or Metal Base

A metal push in lid and our impressive print quality gives superb visual appeal – your products will definitely stand out. Opt for a fixed metal base for a luxury feel or a welded base where cost is a consideration.

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One Piece Plastic Cylinder with Plastic lid and welded bottom

Plastic Container, Plastic Lid and Base

Our most cost-effective plastic container still provides fantastic visual appeal. With a welded base and a plastic push in lid, options include full colour print and colour matched plastic lids.

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Plastic Containers with Flat Weld Base and Flip Top lid

Plastic Container with Flip Top Lid

Currently available in 45mm diameter, these containers allow easy pouring of the contents. Supplied with a welded base and a clip in pouring lid inserted after filing. Full colour print allows product branding and identification of ingredients.

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Plastic Tube Packaging - Clear Tube food packaging

Ring Pull Plastic Tubes with Clip in Plastic Base

These unique tubes come with a ring pull closure. Once filled, the base is clipped in to the pre-curled end, sealing the tube for the customer to open with the ring pull. From plain to full colour branding with wonderful clear visual impact for your product.

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Card and Plastic Tube Packaging UK

Card and Plastic “Combi” Tube

We can combine our card and plastic products to provide a “see-through” element to our card tubes.

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Plastic Tubes with Flip top lids

Plastic Pot with Flip Lid

A moulded, 50mm diameter plastic pot for you to apply labels or printed shrink sleeves. After filling, clip in the flip-top lid to seal the pot. We can mould this pot in a custom colour subject to volume.

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